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Mir Stekla
April 2014

April 2014

Welcome to the April issue of Glass International. The issue kicks off with two big interviews. The first is with Slovenian tableware manufacturer Steklarna Hrastnik which has recently installed a new G furnace. Its General Manager Andrej Bozic explains how the company has reaped the benefits.

Next, the International Commission on Glass (ICG) President Prof Peng Shou outlines his vision for the glass industry and explains his plans for the ICG.

Michael J Ojovan discusses the use of glass as a nuclear energy storage unit, while Mr C V Chalam describes the journey undertaken by the Indian glass industry in the past 60 years. This month's technical feature is about Quality Control, with articles from Heye International and Tiama, among others. 

All this plus plenty of other articles as well as the usual round up of news and views.

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April 2014 Contents

Recent News

GlassExpo and Mir Stekla combine forces

StekloSouz of Russia and Expocentre have signed an agreement to merge the two GlassExpo and Mir Stekla exhibitions.

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Glass Service acquires FIC UK

The Czech Republic’s Glass Service Inc has acquired F.I.C. (UK) Limited, based in  Penzance, UK from its previous owner CNUD EFCO International effective from January 2014.

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A Day of German Beer: Beer in glass bottles 
still popular

A Day of German Beer is celebrated in Germany on April 23rd to commemorate the adoption of the purity law of 1516.

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Stölzle installs 3D printers

Stölzle Glass Group has invested in 3D Printer kits at two of its production sites.

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Recent Features

Harmonising standards for pharmaceutical glass

Margaret Flower reviews recent revision on pharmacopoeia standards for glass containers. 

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Tableware processing

Werner Paszukiewicz* discusses hot versus cold laser cutting for tableware, and a range of technology dedicated to helping glassmakers achieve the best results on rim edges.

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Glass gets smart

It’s now safe to say that people who live in glass houses will be able to throw stones, now that intelligent glass material has been developed in the industry for use across businesses and homes. Provided that is, that the glass in their building consists of high-tech ‘smart glass.’

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Glass measurement using white light interferometry

Whether producing float glass, tubing, bottles, or other products, thickness measurement is one of the critical parameters in a successful operation. Steve Heveron-Smith* describes how an all fibre-based interferometer can work in different glass applications.

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