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Mir Stekla

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Harmonising standards for pharmaceutical glass

Margaret Flower reviews recent revision on pharmacopoeia standards for glass containers. 

Tableware processing

Werner Paszukiewicz* discusses hot versus cold laser cutting for tableware, and a range of technology dedicated to helping glassmakers achieve the best results on rim edges.

Glass gets smart

It’s now safe to say that people who live in glass houses will be able to throw stones, now that intelligent glass material has been developed in the industry for use across businesses and homes. Provided that is, that the glass in their building consists of high-tech ‘smart glass.’

Glass measurement using white light interferometry

Whether producing float glass, tubing, bottles, or other products, thickness measurement is one of the critical parameters in a successful operation. Steve Heveron-Smith* describes how an all fibre-based interferometer can work in different glass applications.

Swabbing mould greases and lubricants

With many years of partnership with the glass industry, Condat offers a range of lubricants and coatings meeting the requirements of the hollow glass process.

Neck finish in glass hollowware

N. Sesha Prakash* outlines the processes involved in hollow glass making.

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