Glass industry features

Ceramic filters for glass furnace off-gas treatment

From the May 2015 hard-copy issue, Clear Edge Filtration discuss filtration using low density ceramic filter elements is now a well-established technique for air pollution control and product recovery. Dr. Purv J. Purohit*, Dr. Ian Chisem** and Prof. Richard Lydon*** discuss a technology in…

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VDMA: Innovations at glasstec

According to the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), some of the highlights on display at this year’s glasstec will include a diamond cutting head that reduces micro-cracks to a minimum, new systems to measure the tension of thin glass, and a machine concept for tempering of bottles. 

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Low energy grinding technology

UK milling technology company International Innovative Technologies (IIT) demonstrates how low energy grinding technology can convert glass waste into a commercial product.

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