Glass industry news

Agr International realigns glass sales team

Published: January 08, 2018 by Greg Morris

Agr International has realigned its sales force to better serve its customers located in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. 

It has focused its sales force along product and service lines to better support the distinct needs of each customer segment.

Marco Palma, a 20+ year Agr…

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Pennine reaches legal settlement with Ramsey

Published: January 05, 2018 by Greg Morris

Pennine Industrial Equipment Ltd has reached a legal and financial settlement with Ramsey Products Corp.

Pennine has agreed not to use Pennine’s filed EU trademark in the United States of America, however Pennine reserve the rights to use this trademark in other territories.


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Rurex CEO retires

Published: January 05, 2018 by Greg Morris

Rurex CEO Andreas Fremerey has retired.

Mr Fremerey has been with the company for 34 years and retired on January 1 this year. He will act as a consultant to the management only if required.

Rurex is a German company that supplies extreme wear resistant products for the hot end area of…

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Ramsey Products appoints Sales Manager in Europe

Published: January 05, 2018 by Greg Morris

Ramsey Products has appointed Andreas Dederer as Sales Manager in Europe.

Mr Dederer joins Bob Hughes and Gerrit Hageman in covering the European market. Andreas is located in northern Germany and will focus primarily on Germany, France and Eastern Europe but will be developing the…

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Promising conclusions to Circular economy package

Published: January 04, 2018 by Greg Morris

EU deputy ambassadors have been briefed on a deal reached by negotiators on the EU waste package.

Although the final text has yet to be fully analysed, FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation – has welcomed the achievement by the Estonian Presidency and the Rapporteur from the…

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