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Libbey introduces manufacturing process for glassware range

Published: July 07, 2015 by Greg Morris

US tableware company Libbey has introduced a manufacturing process that enables a new range of soda lime glassware.

Its ClearFire formula helped create what it described as the most brilliant and strongest soda lime glassware in the USA.

The new stemware and tumbler collection, called…

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Verallia produces revamped Coca-Cola glass bottle

Published: July 06, 2015 by Greg Morris

Glass manufacturer Verallia has produced a revamped version of an iconic Coca-Cola glass bottle.

The manufacturer made the Contour (pictured) bottle in an environmentally friendly way.

Verallia acquired the old stock of returnable Coca-Cola bottles throughout Spain that were melted and…

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Sentry conveying chain offers more protection

Published: July 06, 2015 by Greg Morris

Ramsey has extended its line of wear protected products to include the Sentry conveying chain.

Sentry is an extended pitch two-pin chain that, according to Ramsey, combines the best features of Ramsey’s Allguard FX, Two Pin, and Extended Pitch conveying chains with features developed for…

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Jim Beam bottle captures flavour of American south

Published: July 03, 2015 by Greg Morris

Glass packaging manufacturer Beatson Clark believes it has captured the flavour of the American south in a bottle it has designed for Jim Beam bourbon sauce.

The bottle has been designed to echo the shape of the replica 1940s American Stillhouse at the Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky.


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Verallia Deutschland gas project takes shape

Published: July 03, 2015 by Greg Morris

A biogas project at Verallia Deutschland’s Bad Wurzach, Germany site is beginning to take shape.

Various preliminary plans have been completed and there will now be a long-term test of biogas supply to the site.

Verallia Deutschland Energy Manager Simone Spielmann said: “To the best of…

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