Ardagh welcomes recognition in numerous Industry Awards


Ardagh Group’s packaging developments have recently been honoured in awards at both a national and international level, making this year a resounding success for the company. 

The company is celebrating the recent success of both its Absolut Unique and Jean Paul Gaultier Coca Cola bottles 2013 Beverage Innovation Awards.

Absolut Unique won the ‘Best Packaging Design or Label’ category  for producing four million individually decorated bottles, and judges  also awarded the Jean Paul Gaultier Coca-Cola aluminium contour bottle winner of the ‘Best Can or Alubottle’ category.

At the 2013 German Packaging Awards, Ardagh’s next generation metal can for Bonduelle, was a winner in the Food Category, whilst Absolut Unique was again a winner in the Beverage Category.

Earlier in the year Absolut Unique was again recognised with a 2013 Starpack Award in the UK, and at the 2013 iF Awards Ardagh won with its Aluminium bottle for Strongbow Cider in the Packaging Materials category and with its easy-open  RinGo paint can concept  in the Packaging Form Design category.

In North America Ardagh was recognised in the 2013 Clear Choice Awards organised by the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) with winning entries for both McCormick Vodka and Nantucket Nectar.