Glass industry comment

An opportunity for glass like no other

Published: February 01, 2018 by Greg Morris

In the two months since my last editorial comment an enormous amount has happened concerning the glass industry.

In mid-December a nature programme called Blue Planet was broadcast on the UK’s main television station. 

The show highlighted the impact plastic was having on the globe’s…

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Thai market enjoys unprecedented growth

Published: January 01, 2018 by Greg Morris

Ask anyone in the sector in what countries the glass industry is developing at the moment and the answer is usually quick and decisive: Thailand and Mexico.

Both countries are enjoing an unprecedented boom in glassmaking for varying reasons. Mexico for its beer and tequila markets,…

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Digital slowly takes over in the glass industry

Published: November 01, 2017 by Greg Morris

A quick glance through this issue’s news pages reveals it has been a busy month in the glass industry, particularly in the flat sector.

The segment’s largest manufacturers, including AGC, Guardian, Saint-Gobain and Pilkington have all been busy, making investments, securing contracts and…

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