Glass industry features

UV ink series complements specialist’s existing range

For the ever-increasing demands of the glass decoration market, printing ink specialist Ruco offers various product ranges, from the UV-curable series that does not require thermal post-treatment, to conventional oven-curing inks for screen and pad printing. The supplier describes its…

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Modernisation of batch plant for efficient operations

The batch represents a very important element in the glass melting process. The quality of glass articles is significantly affected by non-homogeneous mixtures and inaccurate dosing systems. Batch plant specialist Vidromecanica advocates the modernisation of equipment in this area for…

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Glass crushing: The sharp end of cullet recycling

The use of cullet represents an integral part of glassmakers' ongoing challenge to lower costs while maintaining glass quality. Richard Sims explains the importance of glass crushing in cullet preparation and how two crusher systems from EME help to streamline the process.

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