Sklarny Moravia has recently updated its furnace, named Anna. We hear about the investments from Radim Bondy*.

Can you tell me what type of glass the overhauled furnace will produce – what colour bottles, what size of bottles, what type of bottles etc.

It is a standard production of soda-lime glass, however in special colours, our small furnace is dedicated to black and violet colour – glass which does not allow sun rays to penetrate walls and influence the content, something that is very important for wine makers and for the whole cosmetic business.

What geographical markets does the company serve?

We sell more than 80% abroad former Czechoslovakia which we consider our home market. Great portion is sold in the EU region, however there is a significant sales portion in overseas – Canada, USA, even Australia, Mauritius etc.

This is based on our flexibility on small batches of custom-made bottles – typically a 40ft container is loaded with about 25.000 bottles to serve as a limited-edition batch.

What is the capacity of the new furnace?

The daily capacity is about 22 tonnes of glass.

How many production lines are attached to it?

This furnace has one feeder and comes with one 6 station IS machine. This one is the only place where we currently use SG and DG.

The cold-end is fully equipped with inspections machines which are essential in production of non-transparent glass.

What is the company’s capacity of glass overall?

The overall capacity is about 65-70 tonnes a day depending on the project type and technology used. The 45-tonnes per day furnace can go down to 6t or with specific clear glass type up to 50 tonnes per day.

Who supplied the new furnace?

The supply is a great project with several suppliers for new infrastructure, control systems, control room etc.

The major part – furnace has been delivered by the PKI Teplotechna Brno. A local company with long history and many experiences. We´ve been doing business with them for a very long time.

Does the furnace have a ‘name’?

The new 22 tonne furnace (so called small) is going to be called Anna. We wish to keep the tradition of naming furnaces with maiden names.

How much was the investment?

The investment was over 27 million CZK which is about EUR €1.1 million.

It might be look like a small drop in the vast ocean of glass, but for our small glassworks it is considered a money well spent.

Did the investment include any other equipment at the same time, such as new inspection machinery for example?

The cold end is already fully equipped with several inspection machines including Bucher Emhart glass carrousel.

Significant investment has been made into (super)structure, new control room, new control systems – server, PLC, PC + necessary software.

Current situation is a 22-tonne furnace with BDF machine 6 station SG/DG – one line with a full set of inspection machines.

Do you plan to have a ceremony to mark the ignition of the new furnace?

An inauguration ceremony took place on 11th June.

We planned to invite several local dignitaries to attend the event, however due to Covid restrictions it was mostly attended by our workers as a thank-you event after a long and hard covid season which they passed ‘with honours’. The furnace is already running on high throughput making rare violet glass for the Miron company.

*Sales Director, Sklarny Moravia, Úsobrno, Czech Republic;