O-I Glass has developed a drinking vessel with a wide mouth opening that combines the convenience of a glass bottle with the sensory consumption experience of a drinking glass.

The ‘Drinktainer’ introduces a new size for to-go beer in an easily fillable and sealable container that offers single-serve variety and flexibility that cannot be matched.

Covid-19 has indelibly changed the way we consume our favourite beverages.

As on-premise consumption of beer was limited, or discontinued altogether, bars and restaurants struggled with how to manage tapped and untapped kegs of draft beer.

And, consumers found themselves faced with limited options for enjoying that draft experience.

Nowhere was this more apparent than the impact on independent, craft breweries.

With taprooms closed and new drinks-to-go exceptions, bars, restaurants and craft breweries actively sought a packaging option to offer that draft experience while maintaining flexibility and portability.

The ‘Drinktainer’ has no shipping with the beer straight from the draft, in a sealable container engineered to deliver the ultimate consumption experience.

For the consumer, the ‘Drinktainer’ introduces options for selecting multiple drafts in single-serve, ready to drink containers.

Simply pull the rip-cap and the wide-mouth ‘Drinktainer’ gives a full-sensory, aromatic beverage experience.

The ‘Drinktainer’ is being used as the flagship of the new O-I Catalyst Collection.

This new collection is engineered to capture the character of brands and embody them in a physical shape.

O-I Glass hopes the bottles of the Catalyst collection will spark an emotional connection with consumers that creates lasting brand loyalty.

The ‘Drinktainer’ has already experienced success piloting options for flights-to-go as well as other cocktail options.