Marco Veri


Evolution in the last 12 months of the Socabelec swabbing-robots and successful start-up of 2 ones in South Korea


Master of Science in Industrial Engineering orientation Automation and Robotics (1986), I started my career by Socabelec in 1987 and I we have been involved in the robotics for the automotive glass industry for decades. We have installed our first swabbing-robot in 2013. It was the first robot that was swabbing the blanks on the fly.

Since this first robot, Socabelec has installed more than 60 swabbing-robots, in 23 different glass plants around the world.

With my automation background ,along my visits in glass containers plants, I have seen other development to be done in the hot-end area that could improve the performance of the glass industry.

Today I’m sharing the evolution we did the last 12 months and the successful installation and start-up of 2 swabbing-robots in Hite Jinro Ind. in Jinju plant.