Ruediger Nebel
Sales Manager


3D Laser Scanning – A Modern Tool for the Measurement of Facilities in the Glass Industry

The demand for ever larger glass melting plants and the reuse of existing structures and infrastructures make the handling of so-called Brown Field projects increasingly complex. The integration of new stages, entrances, plant components, etc. into the existing systems requires a higher degree of coordination and communication effort with the client and the technical departments than was necessary just a few years ago. This makes a detailed visualization of the existing plant complex crucial.

For the planning and integration of the new or to be modified plant parts or infrastructures, you need to rely on existing documentations. If these are still present, they are in paper format due to the age of buildings, etc. and might include deviations in dimension or insufficient angularity. This makes the data transfer to the new plans difficult or impossible.

Very often, additions and adjustments have been made over the years so that the existing documents are no longer up to date. In these cases, it was and is common for the planning company to be on site for a longer period of time and to record the situation with conventional means, paper drawing, folding rule and laser measuring devices. Practice shows that these inventories contain inaccuracies and can also be incomplete.

With all these new challenges and problems, common measurement methods increasingly reach their limits. With its big range vision, reliability and high accuracy, 3D laser scanning is a more than reasonable alternative to the classical inventory and documentation, which has already proven itself in many industrial sectors – not least in the glass industry.