Sylvain Leroy


Artificial intelligence is already making furnaces more energy efficient through analysis of your data.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution gains momentum, the glass sector is taking advantage of modern technologies. This presentation focuses on one of the most promising use cases: the energy savings of regenerative furnaces. First, we will describe the methodology for implementing an effective data collection strategy inside the plant. Second, by using a successful case study from a leading glassmaker, we will present the different steps required to maximize energy efficiency, from data analysis to optimisation of combustion parameters. Finally, we will show that the ROI of such projects is very high, making them safe short-term investments offering large scale financial savings.


Sylvain Leroy has spent more than 10 years as a Business Developer and Operations Director for various manufacturing industries in LatAm, USA and Europe. This extended experience has enabled him to develop knowledges in energy efficiency technologies, product development and digitalization of services, among others.

After gaining skills and identifying recurring needs among manufacturers, Sylvain decided to create JoonX. This Mexico-based company offers a wide range of digital services from international partners to support the industry in Latin America.

Convinced that transformation is essential for manufacturers to fulfill their commitments to reduce their environmental footprint, he wishes to put human beings at the center of development and not at the service of technology.