Ernesto Catteano
Mechanical Engineer
Stara Glass


The idea of Total Recovery Glass Furnace and the LIFE SUGAR Project

Regenerative glass furnaces are some of the most efficient devices invented by man. Yet, they still waste about 30% of the fuel energy by expelling hot waste gas. The LIFE SUGAR Project, led by Stara Glass, aims at saving such residual heat by utilizing it to power a steam reforming reaction and converting a part of the natural gas into hydrogen, to be burned in the furnace. The reforming unit will be integrated in the particular heat exchange configuration of Stara Glass Centauro system.


Mechanical engineer, in Stara Glass R&D department since 2007, nowadays responsible for the company computing asset and innovation projects. He is currently coordinating the LIFE SUGAR Project ( co-financed by the European Community as well as the Stara Glass team for the design of the experimental Glass Futures furnace ( He has been managing several other innovation projects in the last years. He is an expert in glass furnace and heat recovery systems data detection, design and simulation.