Peter Čas
Steklarna Hrastnik


Glass Production Decarbonisation Utilising Hydrogen

Steklarna Hrastnik will present a project for optimisation of energy conversion to replace the share of fossil fuels used for industrial glass melting with hydrogen. Project introduced renewable energy sources (use of solar cells), the production and storage of green hydrogen gas, and the partial addition of the latter to the natural gas feed to make a further first step towards renewability. System prototype demonstration in operational environment included the full fuel ramping from the non-renewable natural gas to hydrogen, simultaneously considering the flexibility of operation, the quality of product and the profitability of manufacturing.


Mr. Peter Čas graduated with master's degree from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and later perfected his knowledge in business and economics at the IEDC - Bled Business School. Before joining glass manufacturing company Steklarna Hrastnik in Slovenia, a subsidiary of Switzerland-based GlobalGlass holding as CEO, Mr. Peter Čas was leading career in production-based companies where he gained unparalleled experience in the technical space, while also establishing himself as a respected leader. His key strategic goals are achieving operational excellence and EBITDA margin improvements, setting a new standard for how to transform companies from traditional to modern while having strong and innovative commitments towards social and environmental responsibility. Under his leadership, Steklarna Hrastnik increased its investments in latest and cleanest technologies in order to consolidate its position in the niche segment of the highest quality glass packaging. His speaking engagements in the industry are very insightful and he will be honoured to speak about industrial use of hydrogen as energy source on the upcoming digital conference.