Tilen Sever
Steklarna Hrastnik


Glass Production Decarbonisation Utilising Hydrogen

Steklarna Hrastnik will present a project for optimisation of energy conversion to replace the share of fossil fuels used for industrial glass melting with hydrogen. Project introduced renewable energy sources (use of solar cells), the production and storage of green hydrogen gas, and the partial addition of the latter to the natural gas feed to make a further first step towards renewability. System prototype demonstration in operational environment included the full fuel ramping from the non-renewable natural gas to hydrogen, simultaneously considering the flexibility of operation, the quality of product and the profitability of manufacturing.


Tilen Sever is a Research Scientist at Steklarna Hrastnik. He holds MSc. in Chemical Engineering and is C. Phil in Nanoscience and nanotechnologies, he also attended several professional business training courses. Employed in the company since 2017, has coordinated and managed several R&D projects, as well as projects and investments related to renewable technologies. At the same time, he is employed as a Branch manager at RC eNeM, an industrial research oriented SME. He is specialized in applicative research in the field of low-carbon-technologies (thermoelectrics, hydrogen, photovoltaics and renewable fuels) and circular economy (eco-design, recycling, and sustainable functional materials). He has been involved in numerous research projects and publications and is a recipient of national and international innovation awards.