Glass International Issue
April 2010

April 2010

The April 2010 issue includes features on melting technology and the topical issue of environmental protection.

A technical article addresses glass homogenisation, while another contribution covers flat glass annealing.

UK electric melting specialist Electroglass is the subject of this issue's supplier profile, and regular columnist Michael Greenman discusses a glass strength programme in GMIC news.

The issue also provides a review of the latest instalment of Glass International's associated series of exhibitions, Glassman South America, which took place in March 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Editor's comment

International news

GMIC news

Glassmaker's diary

Supplier profile - Electroglass

Electric melting specialist charts 34 years flying the flag for energy efficiency

Environmental protection

The importance of good data for environmental compliance - Glass Technology Services Ltd
X-ray technology removes contaminants from glass - BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH

Melting technology

All-electric melting for neutral pharmaceutical borosilicate glass - Ming-jun Xue, School of Materials Science and Technology, ECUST and Bao-bin Zhuang and Jin-fang Chen, Jiang Su University

Molybdenum-based heating elements for glass melting - M E Schupp Industriekeramik GmbH

Glass homogenisation

How physical modelling influences glass homogeneity - Jan Kucera, Glass Technology Modelling, Tomas Krobot, GS Vsetin, and Miroslav Skrivan, All Czech Republic

Flat glass annealing

Glass roll covering: An untold success story - Brian T Lloyd, Tenmat

Events world

Glassman South America continues debut success with return to Sao Paulo

SGT finalises fifth Furnace Solutions programme