Glass International Issue
April 2011

April 2011

Glass International April 2011 is the official show edition of Glassman Europe 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. It is distributed at the two-day exhibition and conference, which is attended by representatives of major international glass manufacturers. To that end, the issue contains a show catalogue, including exhibitor listings, a floorplan, conference programme and other key information for visitors to Glassman Europe.

Features in this issue include hot glass handling which covers, among other topics, the importance of maintaining the conveyor chain, and the use of wear protection technology for vital components to improve ware handling. Further articles cover different areas of lubrication materials and equipment, including lubricants for flat glass cutting and those for hollow glass requirements.

A special report outlines a project by German mechanical engineers and the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg establishing the theoretical principles for a single-stage forming process. Meanwhile, the provisional programme for this year's Furnace Solutions conference is presented in Events World.


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International news

Forming methods & equipment

Research lays foundation for single-stage forming - Hubert Kischel, VDMA

Hot glass handling

Wear protection technology improves bottle conveying - William Hall, Ramsey Products Corporation

Maintain the conveyor chain for best glass transportation - Graham Womersley, Pennine Industrial Equipment

Safety imperative for proper handling - Bennett Safetywear

Coping with challenges in the art of ware handling - Sheppee International

Supplier outlines hot ware handling catalogue - Vidromecanica

Lubrication materials & equipment

Lubricants in glass cutting: Theory and practice - Micheal Emonds, Aachener Chemische Werke

Lubrication products for flat and hollow glass requirements - Condat

Hollow glass range features all essential lubricants - Sogelub

Solving the problems of shear spray lubrication - Fico Industrie

Specially formulated lubricants safe for environment - Fuchs Lubritech

Glassman Europe 2011 catalogue

Welcome and contents

Exhibitor list


Guide to exhibitors

Products and services guide

Glassman Europe 2011 conference programme

Glassman Turkey 2011 exhibition preview

Hollow glass finishing

Sandjet markings create unique articles - Marker Italia

Polishing specialist simplifies process - Biebuyck

Events world

Gulf Glass reports high calibre of visitors in Abu Dhabi

Sixth Furnace Solutions meeting covers range of themes

Glassmaker's diary