Glass International Issue
April 2017

April 2017

The April 2017 issue of Glass International features an exclusive interview with Schott’s Chairman Dr. Frank Heinricht, who invited Greg Morris to tour the speciality glass company’s headquarters in Mainz, Germany. He discussed the company’s pharmaceutical business and how he intends to ensure the company retains its competitive edge.

Closer to home, Greg Morris visited Dartington Crystal’s factory in Devon to see how the company is continuing its 50 year tradition of hand-crafted crystal glassware, while Sally Love visited Marpak Extrusions in Leeds following on from its recent £2 million investment.

Our focus this month is on glass recycling, and we have articles from Europe’s FEVE, America’s GPI, Finnish recycler Uusioaines, and our Russian correspondent Alex Gurov, amongst others.

Also included in this month’s issue and in preparation for China Glass is the Chinese Supplement, featuring a variety of features published over the last few months in Chinese for our international audience.

We also have articles on energy efficiency, moulds, and forming, alongside our usual mix of columns, news and events.

Editor’s Comment

International news

Company profiles:


Dartington Crystal

Marpak Extrusions


FEVE: ‘Ambitious though ambiguous’

Glass Packaging Institute: US Glass Recycling Coalition gains momentum

Richard van Breda: Can cullet ensure glass remains key?

Alex Gurov: Spotlight on Russian recycling

GRConsultant: Alternative uses for recycled glass

Uusioaines: Foam glass aggregates boosts Finnish recycler



Energy efficiency

Glass Service: A self-driving glass melting process

Heatcatcher: Choosing the best techniques for waste heat recovery


Commersald Impianti: Reducing costs and downtime in mould making


Bucher Emhart Glass