Glass International Issue
April 2018

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April 2018

In this month’s issue, Allied Glass discusses its new decoration unit in the UK, which is back in business after a fire.

It installed a new KBA Kammann K15 machine in order to produce the most eye-catching decorated bottles.

We review the recent successful Glassman Latin America event that was held in Mexico recently and saw the region’s manufacturers come together to discuss the future of glassmaking.

Glass furnace emissions have come under scrutiny in recent years and face increased pressure to meet environmental rules. We spoke to furnace suppliers FIC, Electroglass, Sorg, Teco, Fives and Horn, as well as the FEVE glass association to ask what the sector is doing to meet the new legislation.

Dutch company Celsian is celebrating the success of its recent Glass Trend event. Its Managing Director Harmen Kielstra discusses the company and the changes made since he took over 18 months ago.

Our technical features come from Henry F. Teichmann, Masso and Lhoist, while regular columnist Prof John Parker provides the latest history page.

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2 Editor’s Comment

5 International news

14 Company profile:
Allied Glass decoration:
Allied Glass heralds the return of its decoration unit

18 Company profile:
Glassman Mexico:
Mexican glassmakers attend Glassman Latin America show

25 Company profile:
Dutch group has passion for glass

28 Annealing:
Henry F. Teichmann:
Planning for speed and time

34 Future of Furnaces:
FIC UK, Electroglass, Fives, Sorg, Horn, Teco and FEVE:
What is the future of furnaces?

46 Forming:
How to improve glass quality from the hot point

48 History:
Let there be light

49 Environment:
A solution for removing acid gas from glass