Glass International Issue
December 2007/Jan 2008

December 2007/Jan 2008

Features on the Environment and a profile of the Guardian plant in Carleton, USA.

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Glassworks Profile - Russ Ebeid, Guardian Industries, Carleton, USA

Faces - Zia Haider

Supplier Profile
Complete furnace maintenance programme provides innovative solutions - Fosbel

Marketplace report
Understanding electrodes and their uses - Stuart Hakes, FIC

Environmental protection
European glass industry sees carbon control deliver prospects and challenges - Guy Tackels, Saint-Gobain
Heat recovery in the glass industry: problem solved - Niels A Rozendaal, Optimum Environmental and EnergyTechnologies

Supplier plans expansion - PT Dyson Zedmark Indonesia

Combustion efficiency
Measuring temperature in flames - Pyro-Controle
Increased flame emissivity: Boosting glass meting economics - Zdenek Hradecky

Quality Control
Infra red cameras provide real time process information at the hot end - Paul Schreuders, Xpar Vision
Glass technology traiing seminars for 2008 - AGR