Glass International Issue
December/January 2011

December/January 2011

The December/January 2011 issue contains a range of features to take Glass International into the new year. The two predominant themes are surface coatings and furnace repairs and rebuilds; both of which include informative articles.

John Henderson gives an introduction to coatings for glass, noting how practices have changed over the years. Valued GI contributor, N Sesha Prakash, gives a comprehensive overview of both hot and cold end coatings for glass containers, while float furnace repairs are the focus of articles by SSOE and TECO.

Additional articles in this issue cover batch handling, in the form of a new system from Nikolaus Sorg, refractories and forming. Meanwhile, Alex Gurov reports from Moscow on GlassExpo 2010.


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International news

Technical topics

Surface coatings

Hot and cold end coatings for containers: Current practice - N Sesha Prakash

Improving production with component coatings - Andrew Goddard, Industrial Speciality Lubricants

Peelable coating for temporary protection - Gratch International

Batch handling

Integrated concept for batch handling at the furnace - Richard Sims, Nikolaus Sorg

Furnace repairs and rebuilds

Float furnace repair projects: Plan big, rebuild more - Gregory Rossler, SSOE Group

Sidewall overcoat extends float furnace campaign - James M Uhlik, Toledo Engineering Co

Understanding rat-hole formation in silica crown repairs - Prof S Lyutskanov, Lubrisol Engineering


Insulating firebrick: Save energy through product selection - Andy Wynn, Massimiliano Marchetti and Ermanno Magni, Thermal Ceramics

Forming methods and equipment

Start-up broadens possible applications for glass - Hubert Kischel, VDMA

Quality control

Thermal shock machine for glass containers - Vidromecanica

Events world

Moscow exhibition attracts Russia and CIS industry

Glassmaker's diary