Glass International Issue
February 2013

February 2013

Welcome to the February 2013 issue of Glass International.

Features this month include an interview with AGMS Managing Director Emmanuel Rohart who discusses the French company's role as a glass melting specialist and how it has adapted to the changing world economic environment.

The Lightweighting section includes articles from Beatson Clark, which discusses design techniques to reduce the weight of containers, Ceram and Heye International.

The Refractories feature includes an article on designing furnaces for the long term from Allstates Refractory Containers as well as papers from Fused Cast Technologies and Sefpro.

Saint-Gobain Oberland discusses how it recently achieved an environmental standard while the issue also includes a focus on the Czech Republic.

All this plus the usual round up of news and a column from British Glass.

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2 Editor’s Comment

3 International News

Supplier Profile
10 Word of mouth keeps AGMS ahead - AGMS

British Glass Column
12 GTS reshapes to meet the challenges of industry

15 Lighter containers by design - Jez Ashberry, Beatson Clark
17 Lightweighting: Untapped opportunities in glass - Mandy Rymill, Ceram
20 Use of NNPB means fewer energy costs - Olaf Flohr and Mark Ziegler, Heye International

Energy efficiency
24 New standard raises environmental awareness - Simone Spielmann, Saint-Gobain Oberland

27 Designing and operating furnaces for the long term - Dave Boothe, Allstates Refractory Contractors
29 The end of fused-cast refractories in soda-lime glass furnace superstructures? - P Carlo Ratto, Fused Cast Technologies
32 Solutions for soda-lime furnace bottoms - Bruno Malphettes, Sefpro

Focus Czech Republic
36 Manufacturer withstands the test of time - Harrachov

Bending glass
38 Bending large glass plates with a flexible mould - Tobias Rist*, Matthias Gremmelspacher*, Rainer Kubler* and Manfred Krauss. *Franhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials,**Franhofer Institute for Silicate Research

Analysis and testing
40 Small spot analysis in glass production - Didier Bonvin and Christopher Shaffer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

42 Diary

Events World
43 Glasspex India
43 China Glass 2013