Glass International Issue
February 2016

February 2016

This month’s issue has an overview of the Egyptian hollow glass market, following the latest acquisition by Middle East Glass in January. The manufacturer is Egypt's and the MENA region’s largest food and beverage packaging company, and the takeover will add to the company’s dominant position in the market.

Our focus this month is on glass recycling, and we bring you a case study by Zippe on the installation of a cullet return system at Wiegand Glas, as well as a paper from FERVER.

The EU's revised Circular Economy package is discussed in a feature from Friends of Glass, which focuses on what it means for the UK’s glass recycling targets, while Lee Glover of the UK's United Resource Management discusses the problem with co-mingling as a way of collecting material to be recycled. Fiacre O'Donnell reports on Encirc's latest sustainability initiatives, and how the manufacturer is focusing on being green in 2016.

Further afield, the GPI’s Lynn Bragg reports on how the US container glass industry has partnered with the recycling supply chain, in an effort to “stabilise, improve and expand the supply of recycled glass”.

We also focus on Russia’s glass manufacturing industry, with a feature on the state of the market and a pre-event report on Mir Stekla. Although times look tough at the moment, Pavel Bobosik of Ekran believes that the introduction of new environmental laws and hosting the upcoming football World Cup in 2018 will aid the industry.

This is alongside the usual round up of company profiles, industry news, columns, and events.

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International news

Egypt Overview: A country of contrasts - Sally Love

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Zippe: Zippe installs cullet plant at Wiegand Glas - Heiko Brand

Berryman: The problem with co-mingling - Lee Glover

Encirc: Being green in 2016 - Fiacre O'Donnell

FERVER: Glass an integral part of the Circular Economy - Baudouin Ska

History - John Parker

Country profile: Russia - Pavel Bobosik, Ekran

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