Glass International Issue
February 2019

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2 Editor’s Comment

2 International news

9 Company profile: Ardagh Glass

Ardagh's cullet approach reaches fruition after 10-year masterplan

17 Recycling: Arup

Rethinking the life cycle of architectural glass

22 Company profile: Piramal Glass

Piramal's digital transformation

26 Company profile: Pavisa

Pavisa enters the French market

31 Case study: CIRCE

Verallia project for 'greener' glass

34 Packaging launch: Stölzle

Stölzle Flaconnage taps into the emerging rum market

36 History

Forensics and Fibres

38 Refractories: P. Carlo Ratto

An update of the global fused-cast refractory market

41 Refractories: Ruth Engel

Refractory challenges in furnaces

46 Refractories: Sefpro

Forensics and Fibres

48 Refractories: Refel

Start-up surface blistering

50 Refractories: DSF

The evolution of mullite regenerators