Glass International Issue
February 2020

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February 2020

Welcome to the February 2020 issue.

Along with all the latest industry news and views, we speak to Vice President of Global Engineering at US tableware manufacturer Libbey Chandra Mangalagiri, about how the ‘Industry needs more collaboration’.

Emma Bowers and Richard van Breda discuss why glass can become the number one material in the greener environment of the future.

Refractories are a constant theme throughout the issue and we have technical articles from Revimac, AGC Ceramics, Refel and Carlo Ratto.

We profile the SGT awards, look at glass decoration with an article from Koenig&Bauer Kammann and Neil Simpson from Ametek Land investigates how in-furnace thermal surveys can increase efficiency. We also review the recent MOOC course.

All this plus Professor John Parker’s regular history column on quantitative measurement of stresses in glass.

Front cover courtesy of Applied Vision.

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2 Editor’s Comment + International news

10 Company profile:
Libbey Glass
Industry needs more collaboration

14 Environment:
Will glass packaging be around forever?

17 Decoration:
Koenig&Bauer Kammann expands with larger site

21 Decoration:
VlakGlas Recycling
Collecting and recycling flat glass

25 Furnaces:
Ametek Land
In-furnace thermal surveys to increase energy efficiency

29 SGT news:
Celebrating the best of glass research

32 Refractories:
A technically advanced forehearth control system

37 Refractories:
AGC Ceramics
Energy saving designs

41 Refractories:
Quality assessment of a fused cast AZS refractory

44 Refractories:
Fused Cast Technologist
AZS fused cast has plenty of unrecognised potential

50 Events review:
MOOC course
2000 take part in glass training

51 History