Glass International Issue
July/August 2015

July/August 2015

Our combined July/August issue also doubles up as the show catalogue for September’s Glassman Latin America event. In honour of the show and the booming region it is based in we start the issue with a Mexican overview, which details the country’s major producers and the industry-changing deals that have been done there over the past year.

On this theme, we have an exclusive interview with Andres Lopez, COO of Owens-Illinois, to discuss O-I’s takeover of Vitro’s food and beverage division. Andres discusses the strategic importance of the Mexican market to O-I, and the company’s plans in the country.

Other company profiles in this issue include an update on the situation facing Syria’s Modern Company for Glass Industries, and an interview with Prof. Peng Shou in his role as Chairman of the China Triumph International Engineering Company, an engineering group that aims to raise China’s industry standard.

Technical features in this issue include one from Ardagh on its new forming process, FlexRun, which can produce two different bottles on the same IS machine simultaneously, and an article from Vidrala on its energy efficiency strategy, which has focused on its furnace operations.

We also focus on handling, with features from D A Oldfield and Pyrotek, and have features on the topics of regulations, lubrication, batch and inspection.

This is on top of the usual mix of news, columns, event coverage and the glassmaker’s diary, all keeping you up to date with the latest happenings in the industry.

Front cover image courtesy of Pennine Industrial.

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International News

Mexican overview: Global spotlight shines on Mexican hollow glass industry - Greg Morris

Company profiles:

O-I COO discusses Vitro acquisition - Andres Lopes, Sally Love, Owens Illinois

Syrian glassmaker is ‘still alive’ - Aiman Raslan, Modern Company for Glass Industries

CTIEC aims to raise industry standard - Prof. Peng Shou

Forming: Ardagh’s Flex Run enhances production flexibility - Ken Towne, Ardagh

Furnaces: Reducing energy consumption at Vidrala - Estela Alejandro, Diego Ochoa, Vidrala

Glassman Latin America Catalogue

Events World:

Glass Trend in Bilbao

ICG TC09 - Hans van Limpt

Mir Stekla 2015 - Sally Love

British Glass Focus conference and awards - Sally Love


Steel felt that reduces production contact faults - Garry Oldfield, D A Oldfield

From invention to industry standard - David Bridgewater, Larry Page, Sandra Hosking, Pyrotek


History - John Parker


Batch: The batch plant should not be the last piece in the puzzle - Metin Gunhos, Eliar Industrial Automation

Regulations: BV Glas discusses REACH regulations - Reinhard Conradt, University of Aachen


The role of high emissivity coatings in furnaces - Thomas Kleeb, Harbison Walker International

Burning questions - Alain Grangeret, AG Gas

Forming: When less glass wall thickness is a solution - Helder Remedios, Empakglass

Lubrication: Lubricants for all aspects of the industry - Nathalie Vidal, Condat Lubricants

Inspection: Visionary inspection - Esben Korre, JLI Vision

Automotive glass inspection fixtures - Charles S Voeltzel, Creative Solutions Verre