Glass International Issue
July/August 2012

July/August 2012

Welcome to the July/August issue of Glass International.

The issue features a focus on Toughened Glass and several articles on Cold End Handling and Packing.

The toughened glass feature includes a look at the Asian perspective and how the region is coping during this period of a fragile global economy, an overview of Saint Gobain's Czech Republic subsidiary, and how convection holds the key to low-E toughening.

Athena's Klaus Poting investigates cold end inspection and packing of glass tableware, Gerresheimer supplies an analysis for packaging line optimisation while Pres-On-Tape's John Gianatasio expains why pads can prevent glass breakage when packing.

The issue also includes a celebration of a historic anniversary of float glass production and supplier profiles of Allied Glass and German company futronic.

All this plus the usual round up of news and the regular Technical Topics feature.

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Editor’s Comment

International News

Glassworks Profile

Glassmaker is quality assured

Technical Topics

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass: Asian experience - Seema Gahlaut

A big player in a tough industry - Lubomir Sedlak

Convection holds the key to low-E toughening - Juha Karisola, Glassrobots

Bending the rules of toughening - Glasstech

Float Glass Production

Celebrating 60 years of a Great British institution - Andy McDowell, NSG Architectural Glass

Cold End Handling and Packing

Cold end inspection and packing of glass tableware - Klaus Poeting, Athena Engineering and Construction

Analysis for packaging line optimisation - Gerresheimer

Pads prevent glass breaking when packing - John Gianatasio, Pres-On Tape and Gasket

Combustion Technology

Low emission combustion technology for fewer emissions - Pravin Mathur and Wladimir Sarmiento-Darkin, Praxair

Glass Forming

Optimisation by automation - Paul Schreuders, Xpar Vision and Gianclaudio Borsarelli, Bottero S.p.A

Supplier Profile

Supplier celebrates 40 years of being in control

Events World

Mir Stekla 2012 in Moscow

Industry experts gather at Furnace Solutions

Society of Glass Technology: Living Glass Conference