Glass International Issue
July/August 2019

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July/August 2019

The bumper July/August issue will receive extra distribution at the Glassman Europe trade show in Lyon, France in September.

It includes an article from former Coca-Cola and SAB Miller executives Emma Bowers and Richard van Breda about how the container glass industry can meet customer expectations.

The Emhart Summit 19 took place recently and included speakers from the likes of Heineken, FEVE, Sorg and Emhart. The issue contains a comprehensive review of the event.

The ICG also hosted its annual conference in Boston in June, which included a Glass Trend summit, a sustainability debate and the Michael Cable memorial lecture. We devote seven pages to this event.

Sisecam's Burcin Gul was awarded the best paper at Furnace Solutions conference in June. She talks about her pride at winning the award and her career so far in an interview with George Lewis.

A variety of technical papers have been supplied by experts from all areas of the glassmaking process. This includes Xpar Vision, MSK, Heye International, Sonicam, Tiama, Linde and Marposs.

Ahead of the SGT's annual meeting devoted to raw materials next month, we publish several papers dedicated to this subject.

Prof John Parker rounds things off with his regular History column, which this month investigates widening refractory options.

Front cover image courtesy of Pennine.

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2 Editor’s Comment + International news

11 Market Trends: Is the container glass industry aligned to customer expectations?

14 Lubrication: Linde - Transitioning to automated mould lubrication

17 Review: Bucher Emhart Summit - A review of the summit in Zurich

25 Review: ICG Conference - review

39 Soda Ash in the glass industry - An overview of the soda ash industry

43 Raw Materials: Sibelco - How minerals can support a more sustainable glass industry

47 Raw Materials: University of Sheffield - How an ancient technology could help deliver decarbonisation

51 Furnace Solutions: Burcin Gul discusses award win

57 Forming: Xpar Vision How hot end forming technology can help container glassmakers

62 Inspection: Tiama The quest for the perfect container for cold-end inspection

64 Automation: Bucher Emhart Glass - Making the vision of End to End automation come true

67 Industry 4.0: MSK - Is Industry 4.0 for the cold end a dream or reality?

69 Quality Control: Marposs - How to bring QC lab technology to a production environment?

70 Moulds: Heye International - Transitioning to automated mould lubrication

71 Recycling: Gx Glass - The Environmental Benefits of Recycling Glass

73 Moulds: Sonicam - Empowering mould shops

75 International Trade: DIT - Exporting opportunity for UK glass industry is clear

80 History - Widening Refratory Options