Glass International Issue
July/August 2019

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2 Editor’s Comment + International news

11 Market Trends: Is the container glass industry aligned to customer expectations?

14 Lubrication: Linde - Transitioning to automated mould lubrication

17 Review: Bucher Emhart Summit - A review of the summit in Zurich

25 Review: ICG Conference - review

39 Soda Ash in the glass industry - An overview of the soda ash industry

43 Raw Materials: Sibelco - How minerals can support a more sustainable glass industry

47 Raw Materials: University of Sheffield - How an ancient technology could help deliver decarbonisation

51 Furnace Solutions: Burcin Gul discusses award win

57 Forming: Xpar Vision How hot end forming technology can help container glassmakers

62 Inspection: Tiama The quest for the perfect container for cold-end inspection

64 Automation: Bucher Emhart Glass - Making the vision of End to End automation come true

67 Industry 4.0: MSK - Is Industry 4.0 for the cold end a dream or reality?

69 Quality Control: Marposs - How to bring QC lab technology to a production environment?

70 Moulds: Heye International - Transitioning to automated mould lubrication

71 Recycling: Gx Glass - The Environmental Benefits of Recycling Glass

73 Moulds: Sonicam - Empowering mould shops

75 International Trade: DIT - Exporting opportunity for UK glass industry is clear

80 History - Widening Refratory Options