Glass International Issue
June 2012

June 2012

The June 2012 issue of Glass International puts its main focus on health and safety within glass manufacturing.

The Annual Glass Industry Health and Safety Conference was held in the UK at the beginning of May and saw the launch of the glass industry’s new strategy: ‘GLASS Charter 2020’ and its renewed commitment to continuous improvements in health and safety.

With a number of important topics covered at the event, Glass International brings you the details, including information on the proposed ‘Fee For Intervention’ scheme by the Health and Safety Executive and how this could affect glass manufacturers. There are also articles on how to measure worker safety and the importance of fire safety in fuel installations.

We also look at furnace design and operation, with articles on furnace repair and rebuilding, along with how controlled charging can affect efficiency. There is also a feature on lubrication materials and equipment, which focuses on minimising the use of oil and water in the glass manufacturing process and the problems associated with insufficient lubrication.

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Health and safety

GLASS Charter 2020: Working to improve health and safety in the glass industry - Nadine Firth, Glass International

Counting the cost of safety failings - Gordon MacDonald, Health and Safety Executive

Fire safety in fuel installations - N Sesha Prakash

Cutting the risks for glassmakers - Cutsafe

Health risks from the use of asbestos and ceramic fibres - Frantisek Novotny, Institute of Chemical Technology and I. Zackova, Research Institute of Sklo Union

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F.I.C. (UK)

Furnace design and operation

Crucible furnace customises glass - Paragon Industries

Factory completes furnace repair - AGMS Arc Glass Melting Solutions

Controlled charging for efficiency - Zippe

Lubrication materials and equipment

Getting the scoop on lubrication - Mark Johnston, Graphoidal

Lubricants optimise glass cutting - Talamoni

Combustion efficiency

Glassmaking is a natural process with gas chromatography - Dr Stefan Malcharek, Siemens

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