Glass International Issue
March 2013

March 2013

Hello and welcome to the March 2013 issue of Glass International.

The issue is packed with top quality articles and the features this month are on Recycling and on Plant Utilites.

The Ardagh Glass Group kicks-off the recycling feature with an investigation into Cullet Levels in Container Glass Manufacturing, while Saint-Gobain discusses its successful Cullet Return Scheme.

Assistant Editor Nadine Firth provides an overview of Viridor's Salmon Pasture recycling site while Finland's Uusioaines discuss the Finnish glass recycling market and the company's foamed glass facility. Consultant Geert Jacobs writes about A Statistical approach to cullet quality control while Australia's DeLaminating Resources introduce Delaminating glass components.

Williamson Technical Services explain how to Construct a float glass plant, Bohle talks about Re-using water with glass processing machinery and Moffitt provides an overview of natural ventilation in glass plants.

All this plus regular columns from Glass Technology Services and John Henderson, a supplier profile on International Innovative Technologies and a Glassman Europe Preview.

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2 Editor's Comment

3 International News

10 Glassman Europe Preview

12 GTS column

14 Technical Topics

Supplier Profile
16 UK group brings fresh ideas to milling - George Ord, International Innovative Technologies

19 Cullet levels in container glass manufacturing - Sven-Roger Kahl and Hans Hilkes, Ardagh Group
22 In with the old - Paul Godwin, Saint-Gobain Glass
23 Recycling plant keeps glass moving - Viridor UK
26 Internal cullet collecting and transportation - Ricardo Barreto, Vidromecanica
28 Finnish foamed glass facility boosts recycling rates - Henry Rawstorne, Uusioaines Ltd
31 A statistical approach to cullet quality control - Geert Jacobs, Gem Projects
34 Delaminating glass components - Anthony Anderson, Delaminating Resorces

Plant Utilities
36 Constructing a float glass plant - Ian Waite, Williamson Technical Services
38 Re-using water with glass processing machinery - Dominik Hinzen, Bohle
40 Natural ventilation in glass plants - John Moffitt, Moffitt Corporation

Events World
42 Diary