Glass International Issue
May 2013

May 2013

Welcome to the May 2013 issue of Glass International.

This month's features include articles on Annealing, Furnace Design and Operation, Inspection and Plant Utilities.

The feature-length articles begin with a profile of the Owens-Illinois (O-I) Harlow plant written by Assistant Editor Nadine Firth.

CNUD-EFCO's R&D Manager Hans Strauven discusses The Benefits of Annealing Lehrs while E.W Bowman's John Hann talks about Annealing of Glass Containers and Holloware.

The Furnace Design articles are provided by Glass Service and Bock, who examines the question Should Regulating Transformers or Thyristor Controllers be used in the Glass Melt.

This plus plenty more including contributions from regular columnists John Henderson and British Glass as well as the usual global round up of news.

Front cover pic courtesy of Sorg

2 Editor's Comment
5 International News
12 Technical Topics
14 British Glass Column

Glassworks Profile: Owens-Illinois
16 Harlow plant is part of the package

19 The benefits of annealing lehrs - Hans Strauven, Cnud-Efco
22 Annealing of glass containers and holloware - John Hann, EW Bowman

Furnace Design and Operation
29 Predicting the batch preheating effect on a container furnace design - Erik Muijsenberg, Glass Service Inc
32 Should regulating transformers or thyristor controllers be used in the glass melt? - Werner Bock, Bock Energietechnik

34 French inspection provider under the spotlight - Tiama-MSC & SGCC

Plant utilities
36 Monitoring system prevents drain on water resources - Blaine Krause, Nalco

Surface Treatment
38 Surface refiners to help cut costs - Mathias Hozel* and Heiko Hessenkemper**. *Lubriglass,**TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Energy Efficiency
42 Turning flue gas into cash - Michael Terhorst, Hochtief Energy

Events World
43 ICG/GlassTrend: Innovation in Glass Production
46 23rd International Congress on Glass preview - (ICG)
47 Furnace Solutions 8
48 Glass Performance Days Finland
51 Mir Stekla celebrates 15 years
51 Diary