Glass International Issue
May 2017

May 2017

The May issue of Glass International brings you company profiles from across the globe, as we look at Verallia’s recent €46 million modernisation at its VOA plant in France, review the successful Glassman South America show in Argentina, and interview the head of StekloSouz in Russia ahead of Mir Stekla.

This month we also focus on the topic of furnaces and furnace technology, with features from TECO, Falorni Tech, Excelsius, Ametek Land, and consultant Richard van Breda amongst others.

We also have technical features on glass recycling from Germany’s IGR, coatings from Stewart Engineers, and precision weighing from Zippe Industrieanlagen.

This is alongside our usual mix of columns, latest industry news, and events – including a preview for China Glass.

Front cover courtesy of Sorg.

Editor’s Comment

International news

Company profile: Verallia

Verallia completes €46 million VOA modernisation in France.

Glassman South America 2017

South American container manufacturers attend in droves.

Company profile: SteklSouz

SteklSouz and Expocentre ready for Mir Stekla 2017 in Moscow


TECO: Making the most of your furnace

Richard van Breda: Putting the efficiency into container glass furnaces

Ametek Land: Accurate temperature measurement

Falorni Tech: Focused on the environment

Excelsius: A reliable partner to the furnace industry

Durr Systems: 3-in-1 approach to dust SOx and NOx

History: Prof. John Parker

Glass recycling: IGR

Quality assurance in the use of recycled cullet

Events Worlds: China Glass preview

Exhibition returns to Beijing

Coatings: Stewart Engineers

Make CVD part of your future

Precision weighing: Zippe

Advanced Load Cell Monitoring for weighing indication