Glass International Issue
May 2018

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2 Editor’s Comment

5 International news

12 Company profile
Bastürk Cam: A new player in Turkey’s container glass market

14 Furnaces:
Sorg: Sorg’s approach to environmental limits

22 Future of Furnaces: Sorg

24 Furnaces: Horn
What are the future requirements for glass conditioning systems?

25 Industry 4.0: Heye
Smart container glass plant today and tomorrow

29 Ware handling: Sheppee
The increasing demands of high speed ware handling

32 Forming: Emhart:
Manual mode increases safety levels

34 Forming: Pyrotek
Blank linkage design for bottle quality

36 Forming: Forehearth Services
Good gob, bad gob

38 Forming: Quantum
Challenges in Parison forming

43 Forming: BDF Industries:
Multi Direct Drive Gob Distributor

44 Diary

46 History

48 Events preview:
DGG 92nd meeting

53 Furnace Solutions 2018