Glass International Issue
November 2011

November 2011

The November issue of Glass International explores the area of pharmaceutical glass. An article from Schott, one of the leading manufacturers in this sector, explains the high quality needed for syringes, cartridges, ampoules and vials, as drugs like monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins and vaccines place even higher demands on packaging.

In a feature on glass conditioning, we look at a cord dispersal system aimed at eliminating cat scratches on glass through continuous draining and stirring. This leads on to an article focusing on stirring methods and the technological development of stirrers within the glass manufacturing process.

A market focus on manufacturing glass tableware in the Czech Republic, which is famous for its Bohemian crystal, explores the rich glassmaking history within the region and the changes in economic order that have shaped the country’s glass industry.


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International news

Market focus - Czech tableware

Czech tableware manufacture: The current situation - Miroslav Synek

Glass conditioning

Cord dispersal system reduces cat scratches on glass - Les Gaskell, Parkinson-Spencer Refractories

Causing a stir in glassmaking

Batch plant

Abrasion-resistant machinery is mixing it up - Munson Machinery, Kopp Glass

Pharmaceutical glass

The highest quality for pharmaceuticals - Schott AG

Supplier celebrates 1000th ampoule machine - OCMI

Dealing with delamination in pharmaceutical packaging - Carol Rea Flynn, Don Kraus, Mike McMaster, Dan McNerney and Palak Shah, Gerresheimer

Glass surface mapping

Acoustic emission maps crack initiation on glass - Jorge Ramirez, Nanovea

Annealing & decorating lehrs

Taking decorating lehrs to another level - Vidromecanica

Events world

Industry gathers for 72nd Conference on Glass Problems

Glassmaker's diary