Glass International Issue
October 2011

October 2011

October 2011 sees a special edition of Glass International, as it features the Glassman Turkey 2011 catalogue, including a guide to exhibitors, floorplan, and a products and services guide. There is also a preview for the next Glassman Latin America, which will be held in Mexico City on 15th and 16th May 2012.

With a focus on the use of cullet in glassmaking, we take a look at the recycling of glass in the UK with an article from the recently appointed Head of Container Affairs for British Glass, as well as examining the current situation across the rest of Europe.

A feature on process control includes details of a laser-engraving machine aimed at offering total glass traceability, while a report on using calumite to reduce furnace emissions is another highlight of the issue.


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International news

Cullet in glassmaking

Glass recycling in 2011: The UK situation - Rebecca Cocking, British Glass

Cullet is symbol for resource-efficient Europe - Alexander Mohl, FEVE

Cullet use in Czech glassmaking - Lubomir Sedlak

Cold end handling & packing

Handling, storage and transport of flat glass - N Sesha Prakash

Automatic inspection and packing of glass tableware - Klaus Poting, Athena Engineering

Glassman Turkey 2011 catalogue

Welcome and opening times

Exhibitor list


Guide to exhibitors

Products and services guide

Glassman Latin America 2012 preview

Process control

Laser engraving machine offers total glass traceability - Laurent Barel, MSC & SGCC

Optical inspection of low-E glass coatings - Hans Oerley and Ulrich Bauereiss, Dr Schenk

Press duration control system ensures uniformity - Mark Ziegler, Heye International

Management systems streamline operations - Rene Meuleman, Invensys

Raw materials

Revisiting calumite for reduced furnace emissions - C Philip Ross*, Dave Myers** and Mark Abraham**. * Glass Industry Consulting, **Calumite Company

Automotive glass

Russia driving automotive glass market

Events world

Glassmaker's diary