Glass International Issue
October 2012

October 2012

Welcome to the October issue of Glass International - it's been a busy month with Glasstec and several industry conferences!

As ever the issue is full of features, news and analysis.

Ardagh's Sharon Crayton kicks-off our features with an investigation into the Future of Glass Packaging.

The Energy Efficiency feature includes articles from US government group Energy Star, the German Engineering Federation, Dutch company Optimum and from Italian company Stem Trafo.

New Zealand's Glass Racking Company discuss Glass In Transit, while Pilkington's Phil Brown examines Glass for a Great Night's Sleep.

There are several other features plus the usual Technical Topics column from John Henderson as well as a round up of industry news.

Cover image courtesy of MSC & SGCC

2 Editor’s Comment

3 International News

Glass Containers
11 The future of glass packaging - Sharon Crayton, Ardagh Group

Energy Efficiency
15 Measuring and encouraging energy efficiency - Elizabeth Dutrow and Walt Tunnessen, US EPA Energy Star, and Gale Boyd, Duke University
19 Energy conservation in glass manufacturing - N Sesha Prakash
26 Glass machine sustainability - German Engineering Federation (VDMA)
28 Low fouling for waste heat recovery - Niels Rozendaal, Optimum Environmental Technologies
30 Shield regulator protects against energy loss - Alberto Castoldi, Stem Trafo
33 Maximise energy savings with insulating firebricks - Andy Wynn and Greg Haltiner, Morgan Thermal Ceramics

36 Technical Topics

Glass in Transit
39 Keeping glass moving - Ian Barker, The Glass Racking Company

Architectural Glass
43 Glass for a great night’s sleep - Phil Brown, Pilkington

Glass Coating
46 Coating system has CTO covered - Erkki Seppalainen, Aerosol Coatings

Glass Machinery
49 Making the most out of glass machinery - CRL Glass Machinery

Product Profile
51 A multi-inspection carousel platform - MSC & SGCC

Events World
53 China Glass 2013
54 Glassman Europe 2013
54 Diary
55 Getting to the heart of living glass