Glass International Issue
September 2010

September 2010

The special September edition is distributed at the glass industry's largest international trade fair - Glasstec 2010 - in Düsseldorf, Germany, as well as at the 71st Conference on Glass Problems in Columbus, in the US state of Ohio. Previews for both prestigious events are provided, featuring exhibitor profiles for many of the participating companies.

A special edition of the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council's regular column, GMIC news, is a particular highlight of this issue, introducing the newly formed Glass Strength Coalition, and featuring a contributing article by Chris Zach of Energetics Incorporated, USA, on the usable strength of glass.

An automotive and architectural glass feature comprises insightful articles by glassmakers Pilkington and PPG Industries, as well as a report focusing on the use, or under-use, of glass in Czech architecture.

Additional features on glass conditioning and process control feature contributions from specialists in each respective field from around the globe, while a supplier profile focuses on longstanding refractories manufacturer Parkinson-Spencer Refractories.


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International news

GMIC news

Supplier profile - PSR

Family refractories business remains small and specialised

Automotive & architectural glass

A bottom line look at architectural glass performance - Wayne E Boor, PPG Performance Glazings

New generation machine allows faster preprocessing - Bystronic Glass

Opening the window to the future of glass in buildings - Pilkington Building Products

Czech architecture: Is glass used to its full potential? - Lubomir Sedlak

Glass in modern architecture: The concept must fit - Glasstec

Robot sensor system monitors adhesive on vehicle glass - Micro-Epsilon Ltd

Glasstec 2010 preview

Introduction and entries

Glass conditioning

Glass conditioning: A fine balance is required - Saeed Keshavarz

Oxygen metering system gains features and importance - Richard Sims, Nikolaus Sorg GmbH

Glass Problems 2010 preview

Introduction and entries

Process & quality control

Smart temperature sensors for glass improve repeatability - Nate Youel and Jim Knope, BASF Corporation

Supplier upgrades sidewall inspection machine - Benoit des Roziers, MSC & SGCC

Gob temperature control with combined method - Advanced Control Solutions Inc

Precision imaging system monitors multi-gob operations - Gedevelop AB

Process control specialist ready for recovery with latest solutions - Rene Meuleman, IOM/Eurotherm

Hot glass handling

The importance of handling hot ware efficiently - Jon Horner, Dura Temp Corporation

Events world

Glassmaker's diary