Glass International Issue
September 2018

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2 Editor’s Comment

5 International news

14 Horn: A flexible furnace maker

20 Bucher Emhart Glass: Embracing the digital era

25 Dr Matthias Lindig, Sorg: Modelling the glass industry

30 Bernhard Saftig, Siemens: Glassmakers go digital

35 Furnaces - IPGR: A 3GJ melting energy furnace

41 Furnaces - Gas und Warme Institut: Does biogas help reduce CO2?

46 Batch plant - Zippe: Thai success for Zippe

48 Industry 4.0 - Heye International: The smart road to Industry 4.0

51 Emission Control - LTB International: Filter system reduces emissions at German fibre glassmaker

56 Association profile - BV Glas: Overview of the German glass industry

60 Automation - Flow simulation in the glass industry

64 Engineering - Henry F. Teichmann: An appreciation of Henry F. Teichmann

67 Industry 4.0 - Glass Service: Digitising the batch and furnace sector

70 Company profile - Stara Glass: An insight into the Prime Glass project

76 Inspection - Iris Inspection Machines: Smart Inspection with Evolution NEO

79 Inspection - Applied Vision: What’s new in container inspection?

82 Inspection - Marposs: Inspection for labelling area profiles

84 Swabbing - Novaxion: Swabbing robot success

87 Furnaces - Fives: Electric melting of container glass

91 Forming - Pyrotek: Take-out inserts for container forming

93 Furnaces - Praxair: NOx reduction technology

98 Furnaces - BDF: Control system for a hollow furnace

101 Company profile: GTS: A one-stop shop for the industry

108 History

110 Forming - Novaxion: Investing in glass gob gathering robots

112 Industry 4.0 - Emetti Industry 4.0 for palletizing

117 Refractory - RHI: Refractory solutions for the industry

120 Company profile - AGIS: An engineering group for the Mexican glass industry

124 Forming - VPN Instruments: Glass container factory uses less air

137 Technical topics: John Henderson - The Return

139 Furnaces - Paneratech: Refractory Thickness Sensor expands its scope

143 Inspection - Lumasense: Thermal imaging camera system for ‘FurnaceSpection’

146 Events: Murano Convention: Global associations discuss the future of glass at convention in Italy