December 2018

Welcome to the December/January 2019 issue of Glass International.

This month we focus on Steklarna Hrastnik, Siemens, British Glass Focus awards and Tata Chemicals Europe. 

Steklarna Hrastnik’s General Manager Peter Cas discusses the Slovenian glassmaker’s recent upgrade.

We talk to the Siemens team about its digital consultancy offering to glassmakers.

We report on the recent British Glass Focus event and highlight each award winner, including O-I, Ardagh and Electric Glass Fibre. Meanwhile, the Tata Chemicals Europe team highlight the recent turnaround at the company’s site in Cheshire, UK.

Elsewhere, country reports on the Indonesian container and flat glass sectors and the US recycling market are provided.

Technical articles are supplied by companies including Xpar Vision, BV Glas, futronic, Condat and Graphoidal.

We also publish the regular, popular columns from the ICG's Prof John Parker and John Henderson.

Front cover provided by EME.

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December 2018 highlights

2    Editor’s Comment

2    International news

8    Company profile: Steklarna Hrastnik 

      Embarking on a digital journey 

12  Digital glassmaking: Siemens

      A digital consultancy for glassmakers

17  US Overview: The Silica Chronicles

      Glass recycling in the United States

25  Country profile: Indonesia

       Indonesian glass is thriving

28   Company profile: Tata Chemicals Europe

       Tata’s successful transformation

33   Lubrication: Xpar Vision

       BlankRobot: a step towards full forming process control

37    Lubrication: Graphoidal

        A modular lubrication system

39    Events review: British Glass Focus Awards

        The winners

48    Country overview: British Glass

        British Glass CEO’s insight into the UK glass industry at GPI

50    Conference review: Glass Focus 

        A focus on digital glassmaking

52    Digital printing: O-I 

        O-I Expressions: A digital printing method

54    Environment: BV Glas

        The glass industry is geared up for the circular economy

59    Lubrication: Condat

        Exciting forecast for lubricants

60    Lubrication: futronic

        Swab cycles monitored automatically 

64    History: Prof John Parker

        Helium in glassmaking

66    John Henderson: Glass diversity

News from issue dated December 2018