June 2018

The June 2018 issue contains an interview with Wiegand-Glas Managing Director, Oliver Wiegand.

Mr Wiegand was recently named Phoenix Award's Glass Person of the Year 2018 and he talks about his career in the industry.

SGD Pharma recently celebrated the opening of Furnace Number 2 at its Saint Quentin la Motte site in France.

Plant Director Christophe Rogier discusses the project and pride in the new furnace.

Sisecam CEO Prof. Ahmet Kirman discusses the Turkish glass manufacturer’s environmental plan. Some of the initiatives the group has been involved in include building a solar glass plant to produce renewable energy.

 Marpack Extrusions’ Jamie Gibson discusses how the packaging group has enjoyed rapid growth over the past few years and capped its expansion with the opening of a new warehouse and showroom. 

British Glass held a Glass Appreciation course in Sheffield to introduce glassmaking to industry newcomers. Our review explains how the course provided an insight into glass processes, technology, supplying and testing.

Our technical feature this month is on batch plants and EME and Zippe have both supplied articles.

Pace Glass’ George Valiotis discusses how its new glass recycling facility in New Jersey will focus on residue glass from single stream operations.

Prof John Parker of the Turner Museum of Glass in Sheffield, UK provides his regular history column and discusses the evolution of refractories. 

Cover image courtesy of ZIPPE

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June 2018 highlights

       2     Editor’s Comment

       5     International news

      12    Personality profile 

              Oliver Wiegand:

              Phoenix Award winner combines technology with tradition 

       16   Company profile 

              SGD Pharma:

              SGD Pharma celebrates Furnace 2

       21   Packaging


              Protection in packaging

       24   Environment


              Sisecam’s sustainability approach

       28   Batch plant

              Premix technology for improved distribution of minor materials

       32   Zippe:

              Zippe builds Turkmeni batch plant

       33   Company profile:

              Pace Glass:

              Pace Glass breaks ground on recycling facility in New Jersey

       35   History:
              The evolution of refractories

       36   Events review:

              GlassTrend seminar:

              GlassTrend discusses how to make the industry greener 

       38   Events review - Glass Appreciation:
              Glass Appreciation course provides
              great introduction to glassmaking

       40   Training:

              O-I Poland:

              Global programme trains manufacturing leaders

       41   Analysis: Russia
              Russia’s container market in 2017

       42   Events: China Glass review
              Visitor numbers rise by 49% at China Glass 2018