May 2018

The May 2018 issue contains a profile on the container glass industry's latest facility: the Bastürk Cam plant located in Malatya, Turkey.

The factory was only commissioned in April but already has plans for a second furnace at the site, alongside its current 300t/day furnace A.

Ahead of the Furnace Solutions event next month, German engineering companies Sorg and Horn provide technical papers.

Sorg's Dr Matthias Lindig expands on his Future of Furnaces interview last month with a more detailed overview of Sorg’s approach to environmental limits.

Heye International discussess the use of Industry 4.0 in glassmaking, while Sheppee International describes The increasing demands of high speed ware handling.

Elsewhere our technical feature is focused on Forming and some of the sector's largest names have supplied articles.

These include Emhart, BDF Industries, Pyrotek, Quantum and Forehearth Services.

Prof John Parker of the ICG and of the Turner Museum of Glass provides his regular history column, while we preview the forthcoming Furnace Solutions and DGG annual meetings.

Cover image courtesy of EME

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May 2018 highlights

2    Editor’s Comment

5    International news

12  Company profile 
      Bastürk Cam: A new player in Turkey’s container glass market 

14   Furnaces:   
       Sorg: Sorg’s approach to environmental limits

22   Future of Furnaces: Sorg

24   Furnaces: Horn
       What are the future requirements for glass conditioning systems?

25   Industry 4.0: Heye
       Smart container glass plant today and tomorrow

29   Ware handling: Sheppee
       The increasing demands of high speed ware handling

32    Forming: Emhart:
        Manual mode increases safety levels

34    Forming: Pyrotek
        Blank linkage design for bottle quality

36    Forming: Forehearth Services
        Good gob, bad gob

38    Forming: Quantum
        Challenges in Parison forming

43    Forming: BDF Industries:
        Multi Direct Drive Gob Distributor

44    Diary

46    History 

48    Events preview: 
        DGG 92nd meeting

53   Furnace Solutions 2018

News from issue dated May 2018