November 2019

Welcome to the November 2019 issue of Glass International.

Angola’s Embalvidro recently started a new container glass plant and we interview Plant Director Antonio Ruivo to discuss the facility.

Glass International was the only overseas press invited to the inauguration of Bormioli Phama’s expanded plant – we have the full story about the site’s transformation.

Emma Bowers and Richard van Breda investigate refillable bottles while Sorg’s Dr Hartmut Hegeler discusses the environmental challenges facing glassmakers in the future.

Vijay Shah of Piramal Glass reports on the company’s recent €30 million investment in  premium perfume bottle manufacturing.

Glass Futures’ Rob Ireson provides an update on Phases 2 and 3 of the Industrial Fuel Switching Project.

Professor Alicia Duran accepted the Phoenix award for 2019 recently and we have all the details.

The environment is focused upon and Vertech, Fives, CelSian Glass, Heye, Deakin University and Nippon Gases have all submitted technical updates.

George Lewis reports from the Glass Appreciation course while John Parker round off the issue with his regular history column.

Front cover courtesy of Zippe.

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November 2019 highlights

2      Editor’s Comment + International news

10    Company profile:
        Embalvidro - Angolan container plant lights furnace      
14    Company profile:
        Bormioli Pharma - Bormioli Pharma unveils expanded plant

16    Environment
        Are refillable bottles the answer to packaging sustainability?

21    Environment:
        Sorg - The furnace of the future?

24    Company profile:
        Piramal Glass - Piramal expands premium perfume footprint

27    Environment:
        Glass Technology Services - Low carbon fuels - the sustainable future for glass manufacturing

30    Phoenix Banquet Review                       
        Prof Alicia Duran accepts Phoenix award

34    Environment:
        Vertech’ When ecological requirements meet economic interests

39    Environment:
        Fives - All electric melting for container glass

42    Environment:
        CelSian - Software to improve energy efficiency

44    Environment:
        Nippon Gases - Combustion technology to reduce emissions

48    Inspection:
        Heye International - A retrofit option for inspection

49    Events review:
        British Glass - An appreciation of glass

51    Recycling:
        Deakin University - A concrete concept for the construction industry

54    History
        Frederik Carder (Part 2)

News from issue dated November 2019