September 2018

Welcome to our blockbuster September issue!

It is one of our largest ever issues and will be distributed at glasstec next month.

As such we focus on some of the companies that make the event a success.

This includes an exclusive feature with Horn's CEO Stefan Meindl, who discusses the company's recently-completed largest project in its history.

Martin Jetter, Bucher Emhart Glass President, highlights the company's evolution to digital glassmaking and discusses his 13-year career with the group.

Bernhard Saftig, Head of Glass at Siemens continues the digital theme and talks about how more glassmakers are embracing this technology.

Well-known industry face, Dr Matthias Lindig, Sorg's R&D manager, reflects on his career in glass - and the furnace in his back garden!

There are also interviews with the Director General of the BV Glas association, Dr Johann Overath; with the newly formed Mexican engineering group AGIS; the UK's GTS; and with this year's Furnace Solutions paper of the conference recipient, Stara Glass's Giorgio Minestrini. He discusses the Prime Glass project.

There are also numerous technical papers from leading companies which highlight the latest technology to improve glassmaking efficiency. These include the IPGR research group, BDF Industries, Fives, Glass Service and Iris Inspection.

All this plus our regular History column from Prof John Parker and a welcome return to our Technology Topics columnist, John Henderson.

Front cover courtesy of Fives  

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September 2018 highlights

2     Editor’s Comment

5     International news

14   Horn: A flexible furnace maker

20   Bucher Emhart Glass: Embracing the digital era

25   Dr Matthias Lindig, Sorg: Modelling the glass industry

30   Bernhard Saftig, Siemens: Glassmakers go digital 

35   Furnaces - IPGR: A 3GJ melting energy furnace

41   Furnaces - Gas und Warme Institut: Does biogas help reduce CO2?    

46   Batch plant - Zippe: Thai success for Zippe  

48   Industry 4.0 - Heye International: The smart road to Industry 4.0

51   Emission Control - LTB International:  Filter system reduces emissions at German fibre glassmaker

56   Association profile - BV Glas: Overview of the German glass industry 

60   Automation - Flow simulation in the glass industry

64    Engineering - Henry F. Teichmann: An appreciation of Henry F. Teichmann

67    Industry 4.0 - Glass Service: Digitising the batch and furnace sector

70    Company profile - Stara Glass:  An insight into the Prime Glass project

76    Inspection - Iris Inspection Machines: Smart Inspection with Evolution NEO 

79    Inspection - Applied Vision: What’s new in container inspection?

82    Inspection - Marposs: Inspection for labelling area profiles

84    Swabbing - Novaxion: Swabbing robot success

87    Furnaces  - Fives: Electric melting of container glass

91    Forming  - Pyrotek: Take-out inserts for container forming

93    Furnaces  - Praxair: NOx reduction technology 

98    Furnaces  - BDF: Control system for a hollow furnace

101  Company profile: GTS: A one-stop shop for the industry

108  History            

110   Forming - Novaxion: Investing in glass gob gathering robots

112   Industry 4.0 - Emetti Industry 4.0 for palletizing

117   Refractory - RHI: Refractory solutions for the industry

120   Company profile - AGIS:  An engineering group for the Mexican glass industry

124   Forming - VPN Instruments: Glass container factory uses less air

137   Technical topics: John Henderson - The Return

139   Furnaces - Paneratech: Refractory Thickness Sensor expands its scope

143   Inspection - Lumasense: Thermal imaging camera system for ‘FurnaceSpection’

146   Events: Murano Convention: Global associations discuss the future of glass at convention in Italy

News from issue dated September 2018