The United Nations has given approval to a year of glass in 2022.

Its General Assembly approved the UN IYOG2022 proposal this week with 19 countries acting as co-sponsors.

Alicia Duran, chairwoman of the steering committee behind the proposal said: “My deepest thanks go to all who responded to our vision. I need to cite some special persons such as David Pye and John Parker, but do not forget the many experts and colleagues that collaborated to create splendid videos and documents justifying our project; they were always ready and overflowing with ideas and support

“We have worked very hard, we had to fight against COVID but we got it. With the splendid support and hard work of the Spanish Mission at UN, complemented with Egypt and Turkey missions, now we can make a toast for Glass.”

A number of events will take place throughout 2022 to raise the profile of glass. These include an opening conference in Geneva, an ICG Congress in Berlin, the Glass Expo in China with satellite events, plus Art/History Congresses in Egypt, the US and Europe.

Dedicated issues of international journals will be printed, exhibitions are planned in museums, public and private glass collections, and educational materials are being prepared for universal dissemination.

More information will be made available soon via its website and a LinkedIn group International Year of Glass 2022.