We’ve changed the layout of the comment and news pages a little this month.

It means readers should get more glass news and less of me, which hopefully you agree is a vast improvement.

We focus on the role of women in glassmaking in this issue and have interviewed a variety of people from different aspects of glassmaking.

Women contribute a lot to the industry and each individual brings their own ideas, flair and expertise to the role.

While many of them have forged successful careers in the sector - a glance at some of our interviewees proves this - the top jobs still remain elusive to women.

The table on page 22 is a snapshot of some of the leaders in the industry. It lists a glassmaker’s CEO and/or Chairman.

Most of the companies listed are container glassmakers but as you will see, there are only a handful of women who have reached the highest echelons of the sector.

It is true that glassmaking is not the first career that comes to mind for many young people, particularly young women.

But for the handful that do decide to choose this path it must be disheartening to see so few females at the top of the tree.

With the use of digital and AI technology, glass is making huge strides to ensure it appeals to the next generation of potential glassmakers.

But it must make sure that these people are both young men and women.

Pictured: Women have a fundamental role to play in glassmaking.