Aerne Analytic has taken over the sole distribution, service and production of the Oberland laboratory equipment product range.

All devices were developed by Aerne Analytic in cooperation with Saint Gobain Oberland Bad Wurzach.

Aerne Analytic will service existing devices, and produce and distribute new equipment.

Because of the complete takeover of the product range, the company’s portfolio has expanded with new devices, spares for existing devices, and consumables for Oberland Devices.

Of use to the glass industry is the range of strain testers and density testers.

With the strain tester, the annealing process of glass can be controlled quickly and easily on the production line.

Thermal or mechanical stress caused by temper faults or inclusions can be recognised quickly, and can be evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively.

The strain Tester comprises the following stress measuring procedures in one device:

  • Light-dark method (qualitative measuring)
  • Colour change method (semi-quantitative measuring)
  • Compensation method according to Sénarmont (quantitative measuring)

The density of glass is dependent on its chemical components, and is therefore an important indicator for the stability of the glass production.

The density tester can determine the physical density of up to six glass samples at the same time, with high precision.

The manual or fully automatic measurement can be performed within a few hours.

Both the strain and density testers are therefore a simple and compact instrument for modern quality assurance and production monitoring.