AGC Flat Glass Italia has officially inaugurated its new float line in Cuneo, Italy.

After a cold repair process of three months and an investment of around €25 million euros, the float will present technologies to enhance the plant's productivity and its environmental impact.

It will also improve the performance of the existing product range produced in Cuneo.

The opening ceremony was attended by the AGC Group President and CEO, Takuya Shimamura, the Regional President - Building & Industrial Glass Europe, Philippe Bastien, representatives of the local authorities and the press.

During the summer, renovation work was carried out on the Cuneo plant.

The upgraded float line will increase the plant capacity, reduce energy consumption by 25%, with a corresponding positive impact on its performance and product quality.

Lower energy consumption will also mean a reduction in atmospheric emissions, with 50% less CO (carbon monoxide), 14% less CO2 (carbon dioxide) and 30% less NOx (nitrogen oxides).

The Cuneo site manufactures products in various thicknesses, from 3 to 25 millimetres. Besides clear float, the site now also produces the renewed Planibel Linea Azzurra range, a float glass made solely in this plant. Available in thicknesses from 8 to 25 mm, this special glass has a slightly bluish tint.

It is made from nickel-free materials without any inclusions, yielding a product easy to cut and process. It is particularly suitable for large glazed surfaces and the most refined furniture creations.

“This operation will increase our competitiveness on the market. Such a development will allow us to reach two aims: supporting our leadership with high-performance products and contributing to a sustainable future," says Takuya Shimamura, AGC Group's President and CEO.

“Increased capacity, extended range of products, greater energy efficiency and better environmental performance turn this refurbishment into a rebirth for Cuneo’s furnace. For the whole plant, that importantly means restored competitiveness on the way to long term sustainability,” adds Philippe Bastien, Regional President - Building & Industrial Glass Europe.