AGC Glass Europe is looking to the future as it plans to transform its 120-year-old Boussois plant in France.

The Belgian glass producer recently held its 120th anniversary ceremony for the plant.

Alexandre Coppens, Plant Director, said: “As a float producing plant, the next logical step for us would be to evaluate the possibilities of expanding our activities to new types of products.

“We would like to be a plant of transformation.

“This will of course depend on market evolution and the strategy of our group but we are convinced that we have a bright future ahead.”

The Boussois plant produces Planibel Clearlite, which is an extra clear glass with a high light and energy transmission. Its special feature is the side of the glass, which is perfectly clear.

The plant also produces Planibel Clearvision, a regular clear glass, and XXL glass sheets up to 16 metres long. Its oxygen combustion furnace uses low energy consumption and emits low carbon dioxide emissions.

Mr Coppens explained: “Extra clear glass [is the plant’s strength].

“We also have a hot oxygen furnace, which is for sure something very special.

“The plant produces a high quality of glass, it is well located and perfectly controls different colours.

“This plant is known for its big sizes [of glass] and extra clear glass.”

AGC has faced its fair share of challenges with the Boussois plant over the years, one of which was the financial crisis in 2008.

Mr Coppens said: “Several actions were taken during the crisis.

“In the case of Boussois, we had to stop the B2 [float line], which we then restarted in 2010, and then the B1 [float line] for three years, which we restarted last year.

“The years of partial activity were frustrating.

“But now we finally have two lines operating and all our workers are working.

“So it’s the end of a long, difficult period.”

Pictured: AGC Boussois plant