The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is held in over 30 sites glazed by AGC Glass products.

As part of the World Cup preparations in Russia, AGC supplied glass for over 30 sites that were built or remodelled specifically for the event.

The glass manufacturer supplied glazing solutions for the construction of 11 stadiums. The sites have been upgraded to comply with applicable standards and sporting event regulations introduced by FIFA. AGC was careful to preserve the stadiums’ character and atmosphere.

The final game will take place in the same venue as the opening ceremony, at the national Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The venue was completely revamped using AGC’s energy saving glass Planibel Top N+T on Clearvision.

The site also incorporated Planibel Clearvision, a highly transparent low-iron glass selected for its aesthetic qualities and deployed in the façades, interiors and VIP lounges.

In total, AGC delivered 6,000 m2 of glass for the exterior façade and 2,000 m2 for the interior walls and lounges.

Over 100,000 m2 of AGC glass has also been produced for other sites involved in this global event. This includes nine hotels (including apartment hotels), four international airports and the main railway station. The glass solutions include solar control, energy saving, laminated and decorative glass products.

Pictured: Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia